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PartyLite has made a huge difference to my life and my family, with gorgeous scents, lovely ambience and a fun business that revolves around them!  I have developed a lot of self-confidence and work with a wonderful group of ladies who help and support each other to attain our goals.

PartyLite is an amazing company in the way it keeps me motivated, energised and focused on people and the incredible difference candles or home scents and accessories make to their lives.  Who would have thought a humble candle glow could create such an impact on your family home, your own personal space or your work place?  There is something for every room, situation or purpose.

The opportunities that PartyLite has given me to travel to destinations like Hawaii and Hollywood is so exciting!  I get paid to PARTY!  How cool is that?  I have fun at work.  PartyLite is never boring and always different.  I meet lots of people and can see the change I make to their lives every time I do a party.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Thinking of a new direction?  There are many reasons "why" you would like to join us.  It could be self-confidence, social reasons, travel, the gorgeous products or to pay off the bills.  Join me and my team to live a life around your family, working with others to aspire to your life dreams, goals and destinations.  

Contact me for a free latte or coffee and I can tell you more about my journey.  Call me, Veronica Hodges on 0419 832 953 or email me from the home screen of my website.  Give it a go.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I love it all!
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